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If there’s one truth to retail sales, it’s this: packaging matters! An awful product in beautiful packaging will sell better than a high-quality product in average packaging. People may not admit it, or even realize it, but the first look at a product automatically places that product on a scale of “worth it” to “not worth it”. Not that you’re out to swindle your customer, of course, but it’s an important statement in understanding the time, energy, and resources you  need to place into your packaging to ensure steady sales and strong customer loyalty.

According to a study done by AdvertisingAge, 64% of more than 3,000 customers indicated that they will impulsively purchase an item based on the appeal of its packaging without first researching that product or checking reviews. Even in the age of immediate information acess through our smart phones, tempting packaging overrides our logic to check an unknown product before committing money to its purchase.

While the appearance is undoubtedly a huge factor in packaging, it also needs to serve its function perfectly. A milk carton is no good if it leaks, and a pizza box is worthless if it’s saturated in grease.

Your business needs to team up with a company that provides packaging in any carton or case that you need. More important, the packaging needs to offer superior, simple designs and intuitive operation. The small details, down to horizontal vs vertical designs, end load or top load boxes, can impact the usability and appeal of your product. Look for a partner that offers packaging with simple maintenance, easy application, sturdy design, closure systems, and variety in size and type.

With the right packaging intuition, the appearance of your product will drive just as many sales as your advertising and marketing. What better for a business than a product that sells itself?