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Food packaging has become a complex process with many demands and high expectations. Consumers demand safety and durability and expect functionality, convenience, shelf appeal, and simplicity. So how can your company choose the right food packaging to ensure your products remain fresh and intact during transportation and beyond?

Assess the Needs of Your Product

Products require varying packaging specifications based on their shape, size, and durability. A bulky food product, for example, has different needs than a delicate bar of chocolate. Select packaging for strength when needed.

Though the cost may be higher to use adequate protective packaging and design, it’s cheaper than replacing damaged goods or losing inventory due to damage. Automated packaging machinery is the best way to accomplish this goal. With automated equipment, the packaging of your food products will be more secure and consistent. This lowers the risk of human error in the production process and allows for fewer damaged products. With less damage to your products, you’ll enjoy higher profits.

Evaluate Sustainability

You don’t want to waste packaging material, but you also don’t want to cram food products into a box-like sardine. It’s the Goldilocks effect; your products need just the right amount of space to avoid damage or corruption. Shrink films, and other flexible packaging materials are manufacturer favorites because they are lightweight and cost less. 

 Few other options to optimize the packaging of your food products for transportation include:

  • Blister packs
  • Clamshells
  • Skin packs

Other Packaging Considerations

Ideally, packaging materials should work with, and not against, the efficiency of the packaging plant. That means using materials that are compatible with the machinery available and working with packaging material suppliers who thoroughly understand your needs. 

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