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If your business manufactures any type of product that will be on display in its packaging, then it’s crucial to recognize the importance of that packaging when it comes to maximizing sales. You can have the best product in the world but if it looks rubbish on the shelves, then no one is going to get far enough to know.

This is why it’s crucial to use the right cartoning system but at the same time it’s also why it’s so important to think about the font and coloring for that cartoning.

Why Color Matters

Color is particularly important due to color psychology. The point to keep in mind here is that the right color scheme can make something really jump off of a shelf and be much more tempting when it comes to encouraging an impulse purchase. In particular, the color red has been shown to encourage more sales and to increase the likelihood of someone buying any given product.

You also need to think about the niche/industry that you are in however. This is especially important because different colors have different associations. The color green for instance is a great choice if you want to evoke ‘ecofriendly’ sensibilities.

The Right Typeface

The right typeface can similarly carry with it associations. Here an older style of typeface for instance can be associated with prestige, whereas something more modern and sans-serif will make your product appear more up-to-date, trendy and high tech.

The right typeface should also be highly legible and readable at a difference so that it’s clear what your package contains from a distance. You also want it to be unique though and to be attractive.

Choose the right typeface and color and this will make a huge difference when you begin casepacking and selling your product.