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If you regularly package goods up for distribution or shipment in the US or abroad, it’s likely that you’ll need a case packing system. Of course, it’s possible to hire people to do the job, but this is generally considered to be an unappealing option, due to the lack of speed, not to mention increased costs over a period of time.

Case packing systems produce packed cases which are ready to go for immediate distribution, which increases efficiency exponentially. Here’s a few types of case packing equipment that might benefit your organization.

Different Types of Case Packing Equipment

1) Case erectors. In the first instance, you’ll need a system that can assemble the cases. Case erecting machinery will retrieve flat-packed cases then open them out and seal them, using a form of closure such as tape or hot melt.

2) Case packing equipment. After the case has been assembled, it will be passed to the case packing machinery. If you want to speed this part of the process up considerably, it’s likely that you’ll want robotic loaders to pack the product. However, if you deal in smaller quantities, you may just need a hand-packing station, which helps to pass the product to the person loading it into the case.

3) Case closing machinery. After the case is full, it will need to be securely shut in order to keep the contents well protected during transit. There are a number of forms of closure that you could use, from tape and cold glue to hot melt. To find out which will work best for you, it’s advisable to talk things through with a machinery supplier.

Getting Set Up for Business

If you’d like to find out more about how you can revolutionize your casing process, simply talk to Econocorp today. We’ve got a wide range of case packing solutions, designed to help boost productivity and make packing considerably easier. If you’d like to find out more, simply call 781 986 7500 today.