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As the owner of a smaller manufacturing operation, you are always looking for economical ways to improve productivity and efficiency. An automatic or semi-automatic cartoning machine is just that. However, many makers of manufacturing equipment only focus on huge machines that can put out thousands of cartons per hour. While these are great for bigger operations, it leaves the smaller ones out in the cold.

Here at Econocorp, we know how important it is to bring automation to the smaller manufacturers too. We have three excellent choices for small to medium-sized operations: the Mini Monoseal, the Twinseal, and the E-System 2000.

Mini Monoseal

For small operations that are just getting their feet wet with automation, the semi-automatic Mini Monoseal might be the perfect addition to your line. This versatile and user-friendly option glue seals flaps on all types of cartons, from the end load to side joint and more. 

The Mini Monoseal is our most compact cartoner. It is small enough to sit on a table during use and pack away into a closet when your employees are finished. Since no tooling is required when making adjustments, the Mini Monoseal really is an all-in-one cartoning machine!

The Mini Monoseal typically seals six to ten cartons per minute, depending on operator speed.


If your operation requires a little more than just one seal at a time, the Twinseal cartoner and sealer may be a better choice for you. The Twinseal seals two carton flaps at once, cutting the cartoning time in half from the Mini Monoseal. The Twinseal works on most types of cartons. It can be fed cartons by hand or choke fed, further cutting down the total production time.

The Twinseal is also extra compact, featuring another table-top design that is easily stowable. Adjustments are quick and easy to make and don’t require any special equipment. 

The Twinseal can seal up to 30 cartons per minute.

E-System 2000

For the smaller operation that needs more than just a carton sealer, the E-System 2000 is a dream come true! The E-System 2000 is an automatic horizontal cartoner that erects, loads, and seals your cartons. This takes monotonous, repetitive work off of employees’ shoulders and ensures that each and every carton is just alike.

The E-System 2000 is suitable for end load cartons only. The cartons are first loaded into the machine, then the machine erects each carton before loading it with the product. Product may be loaded by hand, belt conveyor, or bucket conveyor. After loading, the E-System 2000 seals the carton and delivers the completed package.

The E-System 2000 can erect, load, and seal up to 25 cartons per minute.

Cartoners for Small Operations from Econocorp

If you have a smaller manufacturing operation and want to take advantage of the economic benefits of automation, give Econocorp a call at (781) 986-7500 or contact us online. We can develop a customized cartoning solution that presents your product the right way every time!