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In 2020, poison control centers received over 5,000 calls about children under 12 years of age being exposed to marijuana, and over 3,000 calls have already been received this year. In states where either medical and/or recreational cannabis use is legal, calls to poison control have ticked upward in comparison to states where cannabis remains illegal.

In many of these calls, safer packaging could have prevented the exposure. Advocacy groups are calling for stricter mandates on cannabis packaging nationwide, and producers are trying to deal with the ever-changing regulations on both federal and state levels while maintaining a fresh and unique brand identity. Working with an innovative packaging producer to design child-resistant, consistently branded packaging for your cannabis products is crucial to gain market advantage.

Since cannabis remains illegal federally, states have the task of regulating cannabis production, distribution, and sale. This includes packaging regulations, which tend to change as each state matures in its regulation of the cannabis industry. Many states began only requiring cannabis products to be distributed in child-resistant “exit bags” but now require each item to be sold in child-resistant packaging certified by independent third-party testing. These changes have led to major expenses as producers adapt by shifting operations and changing suppliers.

However, as more and more companies begin to sell legal cannabis products, it is clear that more regulation is needed to control how those products are being advertised and displayed. Many cannabis products are sold in packages similar to popular candies, and this has led to children ingesting cannabis products of varying dosages, sometimes resulting in loss of consciousness and seizure. Smarter packaging, which incorporates not only a child-resistant lid but also an aesthetic that appeals to an adult audience, is needed now more than ever.

Econocorp is one of few US-based packaging suppliers willing and eager to serve the cannabis industry. Our innovative packaging machines are just what your company needs to produce industry-compliant, child-resistant packaging that is distinctive enough to be noticed on a shelf among competing products.

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