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Packaging for the beverage industry must meet a variety of demands that aren’t required for packaging in most industries. Beverage packaging must prevent spoilage to keep the product safe for consumption, preserve freshness, be convenient for consumer use, and live it to sustainability expectations.  At Econocorp, we take pride in providing beverage manufacturers and bottlers with comprehensive packaging solutions for all of their products, including sodas.

Which Econcorp Machine is Best for Soda Packaging?

Actually, Econocorp offers several machines that work great for soda and beverage packaging:


For soda producers looking for an affordable, light-footprint cartoner, the Twinseal is the answer. This small but mighty workhouse can spit out up to 30 cartons per minute and comes with a whole host of customization options and special features to make it work with packages of almost any shape, size, or style. The Twinseal also offers some automation potential to further boost your line’s production.


The E-2000 is another high-quality cartoner offered by Econocorp that packs a punch in a small space. With intermittent motion, several customization options, full automation capabilities, and a wide range of potential package sizes, the E-2000 can put out up to 25 cartons per minute while maintaining quality and consistency.


If you need to scale up and really start pumping out the soda packages, the Spartan cartoner is what you need. The Spartan cartoner can roar through your production goals with a whopping 60 cartons per minute, while still offering the customization and integration options of smaller machines. When running fully automatic, there’s nothing that can get the job done as well as Econcorp’s Spartan cartoner.

Why Choose Econocorp for Soda Packaging?

Material and Size Flexibility

Whether you package individual artisanal bottles of soda or 24-packs of mass-produced soda cans, Econocorp’s machines can accommodate whatever size packaging you need to transport and market your beverage products effectively. Additionally, a multitude of packaging materials can also be used beyond traditional cardboard.

High-Speed Efficiency

Soda packaging often requires the ability to push out hundreds of units per hour. Luckily, Econocorp’s high-quality packaging machines have the ability to operate fully automatic, pushing through those units with ease. 

Sanitary Design

Made of sanitary stainless steel, our machines are not only durable but also easy to clean, an essential feature for maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in beverage packaging.

Customizable Solutions

We understand that each soda brand is unique. That’s why we offer customization options for our machines to fit their operation to the exact needs of each individual brand. From infeed conveyor options to multiple load stations to CE guarding to extended carton magazines, we could go on and on about all the ways you can customize your Econocorp packaging machine to fit the very specific needs of your packaging line.

Seamless Integration

Our packaging machines are designed for easy integration into existing lines, with the ability to link machines for a comprehensive solution that covers everything from cartoning to tray forming to case packing to sealing.

Choose the Best Soda Packaging System on the Market

For soda manufacturers and bottlers, choosing the right packaging solution is crucial for maintaining product quality, meeting safety standards, and satisfying consumer demands. Econocorp’s range of high-quality packaging equipment has everything required to excel in the competitive beverage market. If you’re looking to upgrade your soda packaging line or need a customized solution that meets your specific brand needs, contact Econocorp at 781-986-7500 or email us at