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Packaging food products is different than packaging any other type of product, and frozen food adds another layer of difficulty to that. Freshness and safety considerations must be the top priorities, and your packaging equipment needs to consistently deliver high-quality results.

With Econocorp’s premium line of cartoners, tray formers, and case packers, packaging and shipping food products is no sweat. While all of our machines are customizable based on customer needs, we’ve identified the following as heavy hitters for packaging shelf-stable, refrigerated, and frozen foods:

Spartan Cartoner

Get your product into a carton with the versatile and efficient intermittent motion Spartan Cartoner. With outputs of up to 40 cartons per minute, the Spartan Cartoner is the perfect solution for all your food packaging needs. The Spartan can handle paperboard or corrugated end-load cartons, uses innovative PLC controls, and is constructed of sanitary stainless steel. Cartons are folded and loaded in a single product load station to save space, and products can be loaded manually or using one of our optional product infeed methods. Once the carton is loaded, it can be closed using hot melt glue, hot air, or a simple tuck. After closure, the cartoned product is produced at a comfortable working height or heads right down the conveyor belt to the next machine. To meet your labeling needs, the Spartan offers optional ink printing, deboss coding, and CE guarding.

Pegasus Cartoner

If you need more speed than the Spartan Cartoner can offer, let us introduce you to the continuous motion Pegasus. At speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute, the Pegasus is built for moderate-output production lines. The Pegasus also uses end-load paperboard or corrugated cartons that are automatically loaded using a 15-foot-long continuously moving bucket conveyor, then sealed with hot glue melt or a tuck closure. The powerhouse is the perfect addition to higher quantity lines that need full automation, and offers the same labeling options as the Spartan Cartoner.

Econoform & Econolock Tray Formers

Now that your product is cartoned, you may want to pack it in trays for easy shipping and display. For small to medium-sized operations, our Econoform and Econolock tray formers are ideal. Built of stainless steel for sanitation, these tray formers use PLC controls and can produce up to 30 paperboard or corrugated trays per minute with either intermittent or continuous motion. Step up to the next level with extended tray sizes, a continuous moving outfeed belt conveyor, or an adjustable/extended carton magazine.

Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer

When your product is ready to be packed for shipping, trust the Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer to pack up to 20 cartons/trays/cases per minute. Also made of sanitary stainless steel, this case packer uses PLC controls and boasts a heavy-duty welded frame to deal with heavy shipping cases. Simple and fast changeover for various case packing requirements set the Wrap Around Spartan apart from the competition and make it the perfect end to your production line.

High-Quality Food Packaging Equipment from Econocorp

If your food packaging process could use a makeover, Call us at (781) 986-7500, email, or contact us online to speak with a representative to discuss how we can modernize your production line and benefit your bottom line.