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The cosmetics industry features a huge variety of products in all shapes and sizes. When it’s time to pack those products up and ship them out to suppliers and stores, you need a case packer that is efficient, fast, and safe. Lucky for you, Econocorp offers three case packer options for your cosmetics products that check all three boxes.


First up is the Econopacker, a semi-automatic option that is a great first case packer for companies that are trying to explore automation. The Econopacker arranges the products fed into it via conveyor into the correct shape for your cases. The operator has more control over packing with the Econopacker as they manually place the case onto the machine to be loaded. Once loaded, the case exits the machine via conveyor to the next step in the line. The Econopacker can load up to 10 boxes per minute, depending on product load speed and operator efficiency. If you run a very efficient manual case packing line but want to try out the benefits of automation, the Econopacker may be for you.


The next step up is the Econocaser, which is fully automatic and comes with an additional glue/tape station for finishing. Also, capable of loading up to 10 cases per minute, the Econocaser does not require the operator to load each case. Instead, cases are loaded into a supply magazine, which then feeds into the machine. The product enters the machine via conveyor and is arranged based on the case shape, then automatically loaded into the case, glued or taped, and fed out of the machine via conveyor to a convenient working height (or onto the next step in the line).

Wrap-Around Spartan

Finally, we have the Wrap-Around Spartan, a true case packing powerhouse. Spitting out cases at up to 20 per minute, the Wrap-Around Spartan is the ideal option if you use wrap-around packing. Case blanks are loaded in batches by the operator, plus the optional automatic product loader can prevent the operator from having to manually load the product. A right-angle transfer device accommodates side flap sealing by hot melt extrusion perfectly. The finished, loaded case is then conveyed out of the machine for the next step in the line.

A Word on Packing Sanitation in Cosmetics

Sanitation in our case, packing practices for cosmetics needs an upgrade. Because cosmetics come into contact with very sensitive parts of the human body, it is essential that these products stay clean and germ-free during packing. At Econocorp, all of our machines are essentially made of stainless steel, one of the cleanest materials possible. With our semi- and fully-automatic options, potential contamination is even lower due to low human contact. However, no matter the construction or operation, all case packers should be cleaned and maintained on their recommended schedule to ensure product and package sanitation.

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