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You want every piece of equipment and machinery on your production line to be as reliable and efficient as possible. Using high-quality machinery, along with strategic monitoring, ensures that your line will run at top speed with minimal downtime.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

Skillfully designed machinery, customized to your production line needs, is what sets Econocorp apart from the competition. Two of our finest machines — the Spartan Cartoner and Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer — can help you optimize your production line reach and your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) goals. See below for more information on our Spartan line.

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

You want your production line to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and by tracking overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), it can. As the best manufacturing practice, we always recommend including OEE as a metric in your lean management strategy. Your operation is only as good as your least efficient machinery, and OEE helps identify issues with individual machines before a breakdown occurs.

OEE measures the availability, performance, and quality of each machine being evaluated. To measure these elements, you’ll need to gather five data points:

  • Good count
  • Ideal cycle time
  • Planned production time
  • Stop time
  • Total count

OEE is measured on a scale of 0-100%, with 100% indicating optimal efficiency and productivity with no possibility of improvement and 0% indicating no productivity at all.

Why is OEE Important?

A low OEE score suggests that there is some part of the machine’s availability, performance, or quality that can be improved. Deficits in these elements will ultimately throttle your productivity, lower your output, and stifle revenues.

How Can I Achieve OEE on my Production Line?

To achieve high levels of OEE and inch closer to production line optimization, combine quality equipment, operator training, scheduled maintenance, and timely repairs.

Econocorp’s versatile Spartan line breaks through production bottlenecks with speed, precision, and consistency. With a well-planned maintenance schedule and proper operation, the Spartan cartoner and Wrap Around Spartan case packer can boost your OEE stats and send your products roaring to the finish line.

Spartan Cartoner

The Spartan Cartoner boasts a 40 cartons per minute output rate that can be optionally increased to 60 cartons per minute. Made of sanitary stainless steel, this cartoner is perfect for paperboard or corrugated end-load cartons in various industries, including beverage, medical, cannabis, and more. The Spartan Cartoner offers a wide range of carton sizes, three different infeed styles, and multiple closure styles. Optional features offer ink printing, deboss coding, belt or bucket conveyor, the Nordson hot melt extruding system, adjustable and/or extended carton magazines, and CE guarding.

Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer

Once your product has come through the Spartan cartoner, send it straight down the conveyer line to the Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer. Able to turn out up to 20 cases/trays per minute, this workhorse delivers big results with a small footprint. Also constructed with sanitary stainless steel, the Wrap Around Spartan allows for fast changeovers with customizable carton/tray sizes. Get even more done with optional belt or bucket conveyors, collator upstacker/downstacker, a 5′ extended carton magazine, and CE guarding.

Econocorp Specializes in Packaging Equipment Solutions

From cartoners to tray formers to case packers, Econocorp has the equipment your production line needs to achieve total production line optimization. Contact us at (781) 986-7500,, or online to speak with a sales representative about your company’s unique needs.