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Long gone are the days that each product must be packed into cartons by hand. Cartoning machines have revolutionized the production floor by allowing one employee to pack thousands of cartons per hour, far beyond what is possible manually. Econocorp’s Pegasus Continuous Motion Cartoner uses the latest technology in the industry to streamline the cartoning operation. The many benefits of the Pegasus cartoner include:

  • Increased production

With the ability to produce up to 7,200 packed products per hour, the Pegasus blows other automated cartoners out of the water. This is because the Pegasus uses continuous motion technology, so there’s no need to stop and wait for human interaction. With just one employee running the PLC controls, the Pegasus can automatically load both cartons and products. Your products will never sit around waiting for packaging again!

  • Decreased maintenance costs

Since the Pegasus cartoner runs nonstop, there’s less friction and better part alignment than intermittent machines that start and stop frequently. This means fewer breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and less downtime that affects your production numbers.

  • Better product appearance

Products cartoned by hand will never have the uniformity and precision that you can achieve with a continuous motion cartoning machine. Our Pegasus cartoner gives your products a sleek, professionally packaged look that will let your customers know quality is inside.

  • Compact design

Small and medium-sized operations just don’t have the floor space to accommodate a clunky cartoner with a huge footprint. The Pegasus cartoner is compact enough to fit on any production floor, small or large.

  • Easily change carton sizes

The Pegasus doesn’t restrict you to just one product per cartoning machine. Carton size changes are quick and easy, increasing your cost-efficiency and enabling you to move multiple product lines from one location.

  • Carton sizes outside the standard range

While the Pegasus cartoner already handles a wide range of carton sizes by design (minimum-2”x1”x4”; maximum-8”x3”x12”), it can also be modified to fit smaller or larger cartons upon request. Simply inform us of your desired carton size when requesting a quote and we’ll be glad to show you how Pegasus can meet your needs.

  • Glue or tuck style closures

Some cartoners make you seal your cartons with either glue or a tuck closure, but with Pegasus, you can easily switch between both, depending on which is best for the current product being cartoned.

  • Stainless steel construction

The Pegasus continuous motion cartoner is made of stainless steel, ensuring you can keep your cartoner sanitary no matter what type of product you are handling. From medical supplies to food service equipment, the Pegasus is a safe choice for all.

  • Optional automatic product loading

To lessen the workload for your employees even further, go for the optional automatic product loading attachment for our Pegasus cartoner. With minimum supervision, Pegasus will completely load, pack, and seal your product faster and cheaper than handloading.

  • Optional ink printing or deboss coding

For items that require lots of codes or expiration dates, try the optional ink printing or deboss coding features with Pegasus. Including this critical step in the cartoning process ensures it won’t be overlooked, so you won’t be facing a serious safety violation or hefty fines.

There are no other cartoners currently on the market that can offer the superior construction, ease of use, and consistent performance of the Pegasus Continuous Motion Cartoner. Take your production line to the next level by cartoning your products with impressive speed and accuracy. Contact Econocorp at (781) 986-7500 or to request your Pegasus cartoner quote today!