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When you’re managing a production line, you know that productivity is king. Getting as much quality product as possible out the door and onto retail shelves is the best way to boost revenues and profits while getting your brand in front of customer’s eyes. So optimizing your production line should always be a top priority. In this post, we’ll discuss five simple ways (plus one bonus!) that you can improve your line’s productivity to bolster your bottom line.

1. Quality Equipment

We can’t stress this enough…your production line is only as good as the worst piece of equipment you’re using. So even if 90% of your equipment is top-notch, that less-than-desirable 10% will kill your numbers and your profits. For full production line optimization, you need each and every piece of machinery to be of the highest quality and work together in seamless harmony. By budgeting for high-quality equipment over low-cost bargains, you’ll save yourself thousands on the back end with more consistent long-term productivity and fewer downtime/breakdowns.

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2. Routine Maintenance

Even the highest-quality equipment needs a little TLC every now and again, and your production line equipment is no different. Many production line machines are used almost nonstop, so it should be no surprise that routine maintenance is needed to keep them running at top efficiency. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance tasks into your workflow so that your production estimates reflect that required downtime. If anything breaks in between scheduled maintenance, quick repair is essential to prevent the problem from expanding to other parts of the machine while maintaining product consistency.

3. Superior Training

A knowledgeable operator is a safe operator. Any employee who will be working with production line equipment needs to be thoroughly trained on all the functions of that equipment, even if it’s not something they will be regularly using. Safety controls need to be explained and demonstrated completely and checked regularly as a part of routine scheduled maintenance. Employees should also be tested on their knowledge of equipment and safety protocols frequently. By investing in employee training and feedback, you can prevent costly breakdowns that derail your production estimates.

4. Meticulous Measurements

How do you know how productive your line is? You measure it! Measuring is an essential part of managing a production line. You should be monitoring several different productivity figures at all times to identify slowdowns and bottlenecks before they happen. Diligent measuring can also give insight into the impact of equipment failure or labor shortages and allow for competent backup plans to be developed. Not measuring your production line’s productivity is a rookie mistake that will lead to serious issues down the road.

5. Recognize Your Most Valuable Asset

While you may look at your production line equipment and think about the large financial investment it requires, don’t mistake it for your most valuable asset! Always remember that it is the people who operate, manage, and maintain your equipment that is really what keeps your production line going. Without employees, from the executive suite all the way down to part-timers and interns, your line would come to a halt. Even the most advanced equipment requires skilled operators and maintenance! So show your employees how valuable they are with incentives and bonuses designed to reward them for their awesome work. They deserve it!

Bonus: Reduce Waste

A 2022 discussion on productivity wouldn’t really be complete without mentioning waste. Anyone who is familiar with common manufacturing ideologies like lean manufacturing or Six Sigma knows how important reducing waste is to the profitability of a production line. Waste is a budget killer and slow death for your margins, so make waste management and elimination a top priority to really boost your production line’s numbers.