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When you run a production line, efficiency is always on your mind. How to improve processes to cut costs and maximize output is a priority, and using conveyors is a great way to do both!

Here are our top five ways conveyors can improve packaging productivity:

1. Increased output

The more product you put out, the more sales you can make, and the more revenue you may bring in. Conveyors eliminate the need for manually transporting packages around your operation, making your entire production line faster!

2. Reduced labor costs

One of the largest expenses for any production line is payroll. By utilizing a custom-made conveyor system to transport your products and packaging around your line, you no longer need to waste valuable employee time with tasks that can be automated. Instead, use your employee’s time wisely on tasks that improve the value and quality your company provides to its customers.

3. Safety

Factories are always looking for ways to keep their workers safe, and conveyors do just that. By taking away the need for employees to move around heavy items and packages, workplace accidents and injuries decrease, which has far-reaching financial benefits.

4. Saves space

Because conveyors are so flexible, they can be designed to fit in small, vertical, or overhead spaces. This maximizes your operation’s square footage with a custom-made conveyor option tailor-made for your facility!

5. Consistency

The more human hands that have to touch your packaging, the higher chance you have for inconsistencies, damage, and imperfections. With a high-quality conveyor system in place, your packaging remains free of unnecessary interaction and in pristine condition as it heads out to a retail shelf.

Conveyor-compatible machinery from Econocorp

Econocorp offers multiple machine options that work with conveyors to bring your operation all the benefits listed above, including:

No matter what industry you work in, Econocorp has the equipment you need to manufacture products with maximum efficiency. To discuss your specific needs, contact us at (781) 986-7500 or online for an expert consultation that will forever change how your company does business.