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Efficiency is the key to success, especially in the manufacturing world. As a brand, production or plant manager, you are always looking for ways to increase your bottom line and maximize operational efficiency. Since revenue growth and cost reduction are both directly correlated to packaging practices, employing the following tips will help your bottom line flourish.

Use More Green Packaging

Lightweight and durable films are now widely available to reduce shipping and freight costs, and they are still environmentally-friendly. These flexible films reduce your overhead costs, attract new consumers, and give your business a way to promise customers ethical decisions and environmental stewardship.

Refine Packaging Machinery

Machinery doesn’t always work flawlessly. The machines that are used to package your products should be an asset to your efficiency, but only with the right upgrades and maintenance.

Begin by repairing and maintaining your machinery, but consider the need to make a capital investment into new machinery if your old machines cause more trouble than they’re worth. Even with the initial cost of new machinery, you will enjoy operational cost reductions, reduced overheat on plant floors, and reduced product damage.

Pay Close Attention to the Price of Materials

If you’ve used the same materials for years, you may not even question their use or price point, but the truth is that pricing for common items like cardstock and polyolefin can change monthly. Considering buying in bulk when pricing is lower than normal, or finding a cheaper alternative when prices soar.

It’s also helpful to track all of your waste and damaged goods during the production process. Keep this data organized so you can evaluate it and identify the most common causes of damage. If you can minimize those causes of damage and waste, your efficiency will skyrocket.

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