You are currently viewing Dan Cavanagh of The Cavanagh Company from Greenville, RI
My grandfather made the right choice in 1983, as l know I have today.

My grandfather, Paul Cavanagh founded our company in 1946 and is now the World’s largest manufacturer of Altar Breads. In 1983, we started using ECONOCORP’s T-System to pack our 1000 count item in top load, corner glued trays with a triseal cover. This provided a more secure closure, lower carton cost and labor savings over the previous reverse tuck carton. We soon purchased another T-System for the 50 count Celebrants Bread carton.

As our production requirements grew, we gradually increased output by eventually running the equipment on 3 shifts. More than 30 years have passed since our first ECONOCORP T-System, and they are both still running strong today. We recently purchased our 3rd T-System to accommodate additional capacity. I am impressed that ECONOCORP has not only maintained their simplicity and reliable approach to cartoning, but they have also incorporated the latest features and technology.