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By Mark Jacobson, Vice President, Econocorp Inc.

If creating more available manufacturing space means creating the ability to generate more revenue without plant expansion, then the Econoseal E-System 2000 automatic horizontal cartoner generates that result. Manufactured by Econocorp Inc., of Randolph, Mass., this unique cartoner is specially designed for any size company seeking packaging volumes of up to 25 cartons per minute (1,500 cartons per hour).

The cartoner reduces typical machine footprints by up to 75 percent, meaning the E-System 2000 basically fits into the floor space that a desk would occupy. Given that small size as well as its mobility, the cartoner can be stored out of the way when not in use.
In some cases, that could even be in a closet.

But the E-System 2000’s main attraction is its low investment cost. At a base price of $33,000 USD, no one else approaches that nor gives such a fast return on investment. Cirrus Healthcare Products LLC, of Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., which produces innovative personal and travel healthcare items, such as EarPlanes, learned how swiftly that happens. While its first Econoseal ESystem 2000 paid for itself within a year, the next two units paid for themselves even more quickly.

Besides offering quick payback, low capital costs and small machine footprint, the cartoner also minimizes maintenance costs. That’s because it has fewer moving parts. “The operation of our three E-System 2000 machines couldn’t be simpler,” notes Chris Johnson, Cirrus Healthcare vice president. There just aren’t many things that can go wrong. If something does, though, machine operators can perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting because the Econoseal E-System 2000 is so easy to understand. Thus, its simplicity eliminates specialized maintenance staff.

While being easier to maintain and understand, many endusers make it their first automated cartoning machine. That was the case for Cirrus Healthcare as well as Mary’s Gone Crackers Inc., of Orinda, Calif.

What also attracts users is the machine’s flexibility. This allows the E-System 2000 to run a huge range of materials from the thinnest of paperboards to the heaviest of corrugated materials. It also accommodates glue sealing, tuck closure or hot-air closure. Using plastics? No problem. The machine has been called upon to handle PVC material, as well.

Don’t let the simplicity of the E-System 2000 overshadow this cartoner’s ruggedness. Econocorp provides the standard machine in sanitary construction, including a stainless-steel frame. That is always a plus not only for food packaging but also, over time, for machine aesthetics and cleanliness in any packaging environment. Mary’s Gone Crackers, which manufactures organic wheatfree and gluten-free baked foods, has been using their Econoseal E-System 2000 since 2004. The company needed a simple, reliable way to automate their cartoning process, but still meet a minimum production rate of 1,200 cartons per hour. The machine operates “24 hours a day, four days a week,” said President Dale Rodrigues. It’s “paid for itself many times over.”

His E-System 2000 does away with unnecessary labor and repetitive motion injuries that often surface when plant personnel manually perform tasks. Machine operation is simple. It automatically erects cartons from a supply magazine and then positions them at a single product-loading station. Then an operator inserts each package of wrapped crackers into the erected and positioned carton. Next, the loaded carton gets automatically transported ahead to be date coded, securely sealed on both ends using hotmelt adhesive and then delivered as a finished, quality sealed package. Optional automated product loading accessories can also
be offered.

Who else uses the E-System 2000? Mom-and-Pop pizza companies; Fortune 100 companies in 98 countries around the globe; toilet-seat makers; and vitamins, minerals and supplements producers, to name a few. Also, baked-goods producers and specialty food makers use it.

Whatever the product, the Econoseal E-System 2000’s timeproven operation, quality components and user-friendly technology offers the lowest investment cost and the best return on investment for the lower-volume cartoning segment—and it does so simply, reliably and non-stop.

Contact Econocorp at (781) 986-7500 for more information.

Quotations for machines outside of the standard carton-size range can be offered.