Our Markets

Any packager of a good that puts a product in a carton or case at moderate speeds (typically up to 120 cartons per minute and up to 10 cases per minute) is a potential ECONOSEAL customer.

Approximately 50% of all ECONOSEAL machine shipments go to the food industry. The fastest growing segment has been the household-goods industry.

The President’s E Star Award

The E Star Award, presented by the President to recognize outstanding export success, is the highest honor American firms and organizations can receive. Winners of this award are helping their country as well as themselves.

The President’s E Award was created by Executive Order in 1961 to afford suitable recognition to persons, firms, or organizations that contribute significantly in the effort to increase U.S. exports.

In 1969, the President’s E Star Award was authorized by the Secretary of Commerce to afford continuing recognition of noteworthy promotion efforts by E Award recipients.

The President’s E Star Award recognizes continued superior performance in increasing or promoting exports. Only recipients of the E Award are eligible, and the level of performance must exceed that for which the E Award was given.

To find out more about U.S. Government-sponsored export programs, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Association.