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Case Packing Solutions to Meet Frozen Food Product Challenges

Producing frozen foods presents a number of unique challenges when it comes to case packing. You need to be able to preserve the perishable food in a frozen state without compromising the packaging or safety or quality of the product. Here are some of the challenges that frozen food processors face and how our case packing solutions solve them.

Properly sealing frozen food for safety and to meet federal and state regulations

You have to properly seal foods to protect them from contamination by bacteria or other elements that could potentially cause harm to someone who eats the food. Seals have to be clearly marked or tamper evident so that the consumer knows their food is safe to eat. We offer tray forming solutions that will form a tray around your product and seal it off, then pack it into cases ready for frozen storage or distribution.

Avoiding freezer burn

The most common quality issue with frozen foods is freezer burn. If the packaging is not adequate, the chances of freezer burn are dramatically increased. Although freezer burn can also happen when food is not stored properly, it is first and foremost important to package it in a way that will protect the product from freezer burn and other elements.

Ease of adaptation and multi-use

The best case packaging solutions for frozen foods are going to allow for some easy adaptation to accommodate more than one product within a location. The frozen foods industry is continuing to grow as the demand for convenience and individually wrapped products increases. If you have the potential to take advantage of this market, you’ll need case packing equipment that can easily be adjusted and cleaned for different purposes.

If you need help deciding on the best packaging methods for your frozen food products, contact us today.

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