The Difference Between a Case Erector and a Case Sealer

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There’s a lot of confusion in manufacturing about the different packaging machines and exactly what they do. Two of the most common types of packaging machines are case erectors and case sealers. Each of these machines performs very different jobs and works best when used together to achieve a total packaging solution. In this post, we’ll go over the differences between case erectors and case sealers and how Econocorp brings the best of both technologies into our high-quality, high-production packaging machines. (more…)

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Is Your Packaging Worth Unboxing?

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So you’ve put in the work to come up with an awesome product that meets your target customer base’s needs and does it better than the competition. So why isn’t your product flying off the shelves? You might want to check your packaging.

Packaging is the Trend

The packaging itself has become a trend, with unboxing videos surging in popularity in recent years. On every platform from YouTube to TikTok and more, influencers and everyday people can be found unboxing everything their hearts desire. But why do people get such a rush from just opening packages? The answer lies in our brain chemistry. (more…)

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Tips to Improve Your Packaging

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When designing your product’s packaging, you must consider an overwhelming range of factors. From material choices and folding styles to security and print design—there’s a reason why there are professionals who make a whole career out of just designing product packaging for companies.

Econocorp’s dedicated team of packaging design experts can help you create and optimize your product packaging for the highest quality and most efficient production. Call us at (781) 986-7500 or contact us online to find out more. (more…)

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Carton Packaging 101

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Look around, and chances are you’ll see at least one carton box. These common packaging tools are literally everywhere, housing everything from food and cosmetics to toys and collectibles. Though they’ve been around since circa 1840,  carton boxes didn’t become popular until the turn of the century. Carton boxes are typically thin and made of paperboard or chipboard. They can be easily customized for the company, brand, or product being packaged. (more…)

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Ways to Ensure Safety and Efficiency on Your Packaging Line

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Safety is always a #1 priority for any production line, and keeping equipment in good working order is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to ensure that your employees are safe and that your product is packaged according to your brand’s standards. Keep your line running safely and efficiently by implementing the following steps:

Routine equipment maintenance (more…)

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The Benefits of Improving Your Packaging Equipment Efficiency

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If you’ve been packaging your product manually since you started your business, you may wonder how improving your packaging efficiency can benefit your bottom line. While placing each product in its packaging by hand may add a sentiment that automated packaging cannot, if you want to scale up your operation, manual packaging is just not feasible.

Just a few of the benefits that improving your packaging equipment efficiency will bring to your business include: (more…)

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5 Ways Conveyors Improve Packaging Productivity

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When you run a production line, efficiency is always on your mind. How to improve processes to cut costs and maximize output is a priority, and using conveyors is a great way to do both!

Here are our top five ways conveyors can improve packaging productivity:

1. Increased output

The more product you put out, the more sales you can make, and the more revenue you may bring in. Conveyors eliminate the need for manually transporting packages around your operation, making your entire production line faster! (more…)

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What Closure System is Right for Your Cartons?

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As a business owner, you have to carefully consider every aspect of your brand, no matter how small. Your product’s packaging is one of those things that can make or break your venture, and the closure system is one of the most important components of the packaging. The closure system you choose for your cartons should depend on:

  • Contents
  • Intended use
  • Applicable regulations
  • Brand aesthetic


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Help Speed Up Your Production with EconoPacker

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Are you ready to take your operation’s case packing to a whole new level? Then, meet the Econopacker!

This semi-automatic case packer can revolutionize how you pack your products, with more accuracy, more speed, and less stress to your workforce.

So, how does EconoPacker do it?

Products are randomly belt fed into the machine, where they are collated into the proper order. A human operator then positions a case over the loading funnel where the machine loads the products into the case. The filled case is then sent for sealing and shipping. (more…)

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Cartoner Machine Options for Smaller Operations

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As the owner of a smaller manufacturing operation, you are always looking for economical ways to improve productivity and efficiency. An automatic or semi-automatic cartoning machine is just that. However, many makers of manufacturing equipment only focus on huge machines that can put out thousands of cartons per hour. While these are great for bigger operations, it leaves the smaller ones out in the cold.

Here at Econocorp, we know how important it is to bring automation to the smaller manufacturers too. We have three excellent choices for small to medium-sized operations: the Mini Monoseal, the Twinseal, and the E-System 2000. (more…)

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